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13 min.

Quechua & Spanish




DCP / ProRes / BluRay


Maribel and Carmencita are two indigenous girls who work in Cuzco Central Square taking pictures with the tourists in exchange of a tip. Leoncio, Maribel’s father, doesn’t have a regular job which causes fights with Ines, his wife and the rest of the family.


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. France. 2014
Cannes Short Film Corner. France. 2013
Best Short Film - Rencontres du Cinéma Sud-Américain de Marseille et Région. France. 2015
Best Short Film - Lima Film Festival. Peru. 2014
Best Screenplay - Primeiro Plano Film Festival. Brazil. 2014
Special Prize - Tres Fronteras International Film Festival. Argentina. 2014
Qosqo Short Film Award - Fenaco, Cuzco International Short Film Festival. Peru. 2014
Raindance Film Festival. UK. 2014
Seattle International Film Festival. USA. 2014
Fribourg International Film Festival. Switzerland. 2014
Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival. Colombia. 2014
imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Canada. 2014
Milwaukee Film Festival. USA. 2014
Viña del Mar International Film Festival. Chile. 2014
Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival. Spain. 2013
Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival, Finland. 2015
Sharjah International Children's Film Festival. Sharjah, UAE. 2015
Skábmagovat Indigenous Peoples' Film Festival. Finland. 2015
Présence Autochtone - Montreal First People Festival. Canada. 2015
Trieste Latin American Film Festival. Italy. 2014
Filmar Latin American Film Festival. Switzerland. 2014
Pantalla Latina Film Festival. Switzerland. 2014
ABC Ibero American Film Festival. Spain. 2014
Imago Ibero-American Film Festival. France. 2014
Fiacid Ibero-American Digital Film Festival. Peru. 2014
Despertarte Film Festival. Mexico. 2015
Imagen de los Pueblos Film Festival. Ecuador. 2014
Little Mexico Film Festival. USA. 2014
Enfocar Film Festival. Colombia. 2014


Nino Mirones
Nancy Callañaupa
Maribel Valdéz
Rosmery Huanaco
Pedro Ccahuana
Sonia Loayza
Mikhail Gonzáles
William García
Illa Figueroa


Script: Alvaro Sarmiento & Elizabeth Lino
Direction: Alvaro Sarmiento
Executive Producer: Diego Sarmiento
General Production: Milagros Cuba
Original Music: Javier Rojas
Photography: Henry Pilares & Sebastian Pavese
Sound: Alex Cruz
Art Direction: Natacha Vaugoyeau
Editor: Diego Sarmiento
Sound Mix: Christian Acuña / La Chicharra
Make Up: Roxana Estrada

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