74 / 52 min.

Quechua & Spanish




DCP / ProRes / BluRay


MOTHERS OF THE LAND accompanies five women from the Andean highlands in their daily struggle to maintain a traditional and organic way of working the land.

In the Andean Cosmovision, women and earth are strongly interrelated. Both, a women’s body and the earth’s soil are capable of giving and nurturing life.

In the context of an ever-growing industrialization of agriculture, the use of chemical pesticides and genetically modified seeds it is women, who, connected to earth through bounds of sisterhood, take on the role of protectors.


69 Berlin Film Festival. Germany, 2019

Best Documentary - 25 Dreamspeakers Indigenous Film Festival. Canada, 2019
Alanis Obomsawin Award for Best Documentary - 20 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Canada, 2019
Best Film Audience Award - 17 Latinamerika i Fokus Latin American Film Festival. Sweden, 2019
Best Documentary Audience Award on Food Cultures - 11 Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto - Cinema Food & Diversity Film Festival. Italy, 2019
Best Indigenous Documentary Award - 6 Documenta Caracas Film Festival. Venezuela, 2019

Best Latin American Documentary - 5 FINCA Ecological Film Festival. Argentina, 2020

SIGNIS Prize - 5 FINCA Ecological Film Festival. Argentina, 2020
Best Documentary Audience Award - 3 AricaDoc Documentary Film Festival. Chile, 2019
Best Documentary - 2 Jumara Indigenous Film Festival. Panama, 2019

59 Cartagena de Indias Film Festival. Colombia, 2019
35 Guadalajara Film Festival. Mexico, 2020

32 IDFA Doc for Sale. The Netherlands, 2019
32 Society for Visual Anthropology Film and Media Festival. Canada, 2019
26 Valdivia Film Festival. Chile, 2019
22 Skábmagovat Film Festival. Finland, 2020
19 Filmfestival Women's Worlds. Germany, 2019

18 Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. Canada, 2020
17 Krakow Photomonth Festival. Poland, 2019
16 Document Human Rights Film Festival. Scotland, 2019
13 Indigenous Film + Video Festival. Chile, 2019

10 Festiver - Green Film Festival. Colombia, 2020

9 Acampadoc Documentary Film Festival. Panama, 2020
8 Cinesuyu Film Festival. Peru, 2019
6 Maoriland Film Festival. New Zeland, 2020

6 CIES Comparative and International Education Society - Education Film Festivalette. USA, 2020

6 Cine de las Alturas Film Festival. Argentina, 2020
5 Food Film Festival di Milano. Italy, 2020
5 Cine Vivo Perth Film Festival. Australia, 2019
5 Trujillo Film Festival. Peru, 2019
4 Tuwun Indigenous Film Festival. Chile, 2019
3 BUFA Film Series. Germany, 2019


Sonia Mamani

Eliana García

Braulia Puma

Brizaida Sicus

Justa Quispe


Direction & Production: Alvaro & Diego Sarmiento

Screenwriters: Alvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento & Annemarie Gunkel

Asociated Producer: Jorge Constantino

Cinematography: Diego Sarmiento

Sound: Marco Panatonic

Music: Horacio Camargo

Edition: Alex Cruz, Fabricio Deza & Diego Sarmiento

Color Correction: Johan Carrasco

Sound Design & Mix: Fonica Studio, Carlos Flores

Animation: Kati Egely

Photography: Miguel Palomino