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14 min.

Quechua & Spanish




DCP / ProRes / BluRay


Early in the morning, young Jorge sets off with his machete to harvest bananas, making every blow count. After the bananas have been boiled it’s time for breakfast. After that, Jorge and his friends are free to wander the lush vegetation that surrounds their home – climbing, having fun, singing harvest songs and splashing about in the headwaters of the Amazon. Seen through the eyes of children, these everyday scenes describe the peaceful lives of an indigenous village community in the midst of their primeval environment. Here, everyone helps to grow food. There’s not much left over to sell, but money wouldn’t appear to be the most important thing anyway.


Berlinale Generation Kplus. Germany. 2014
IDFA Docs for Sale. The Netherlands. 2014
Best Documentary Short Film - Adult Jury Prize. Chicago International Children's Film Festival. USA. 2014
Best Documentary Film. Sharjah International Children's Film Festival. Sharjah, UAE. 2014
Best Short Film. FICWallmapu - Indigenous People Film Festival. Chile. 2015
Special Prize - Moscow International Film Festival for the Young Audience CAT. Russia. 2014
Special Prize - Cochabamba International Film Festival. Bolivia. 2016
Margaret Mead Film Festival. USA. 2015
Society for Visual Anthropology Film & Media Festival. USA. 2015
EASA - European Association of Social Anthropology Congress. Tallinn, Estonia. 2014
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. Greece. 2016
Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival. USA. 2016
BAFICI - Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. Talents Retrospective. Argentina. 2015
Kino Forum - Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival. Brazil. 2015
Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival. Brazil. 2014
San Diego Latino Film Festival. USA. 2016
Icaro Film Festival. Guatemala. 2015
Mo & Friese KinderKurz Film Festival Hamburg. Germany. 2014
Montana International Children's Film Festival. USA. 2016
Kids First! Film Festival. USA. 2016
Olymplia International Film Festival for Children & Young People. Greece. 2015
Andorra Kids’ Film Festival. Andorra. 2015
Ciranda de Filmes Film Festival. Brazil. 2015
Lakino Latin American Short Film Festival. Germany. 2016
CMS Vatavaran Environmental & Wildlife Film Festival. India. 2015
Corto e Fieno - Rural Film Festival. Italy. 2015
Green Film Festival in Seoul. Korea. 2014
Montenegro Film Festival. Montenegro. 2016
Kino Bize - Riga Film Festival. Latvia. 2015
Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival. Estonia. 2016
One Flaming Arrow: Inter-tribal art, music and Film Festival. USA. 2016
Iran International Green Film Festival. Iran. 2017
Tenemos que ver International Film Festival. Uruguay. 2016
Etnographic Film Festival. Croatia. 2014
Cochabamba Film Festival. Bolivia. 2016
Arica Nativa Film Festival. Chile. 2016
Tres Fronteras International Film Festival. Argentina. 2016
Cinesuyu - Cuzco Film Festival. Peru. 2016
Lima Independent Film Festival. Peru. 2015
Peruvian Documentary Film Festival. Peru. 2015


Jorge Tapullima
Darío Tapullima
Eder Tapullima
Liner Tapullima


Script: Jorge Tapullima & Alvaro Sarmiento
Director: Diego Sarmiento
Executive Producer: Álvaro Sarmiento
Photography: Álvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento & Lucía Czernichowsky
Sound: Renerio Tapullima, Watson Sangama & Harry Sangama
Editor: Alex Cruz
Color Correction: Jorge Sabana

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