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70 min.

Quechua & Spanish




DCP / ProRes / BluRay


Guided by ayahuasca chants, GREEN RIVER. THE TIME OF THE YAKURUNAS is a poetic journey into the depths of the Amazon. The film explores the perception of time in three small villages intertwined by the flowing waters of the Amazon river, immersing the viewer in a landscape inhabited by shamans and archetypical societies.

This hybrid narrative depicts the bodies of native elders to evoke the ghosts of rubber colonialism at the end of XIX century, the memory of ancient indigenous cultures still alive, but in danger of disappearing as a consequence of global capitalism.


The Quechua - Lamistas elders are the protagonists of GREEN RIVER: THE TIME OF THE YAKURUNAS. The film exposes the personal life stories of traditional farming families, fishermen and hunters.

We believe that the Amazon region has a lot to offer to mankind across the globe in terms of spiritual relation to nature. It can give a much-needed positive perspective on what traditional cultures preserve.


Our film is dedicated to the natives who survived to the colonization process of the Amazon, where 9 in 10 inhabitants died as a consequence of the rubber boom extraction during the XIX century.

The bodies of the elders in the film refer us to the ghosts of colonialism who come back bringing the memory of the death, the shadows of ancient indigenous cultures still alive, but in danger of disappearing as a consequence of global capitalism.

Nowadays 66% of native people land in Peru has been concesioned to oil companies polluting our ancestral territories causing deforestation, damaging our biodiversity and exploiting our natural resources.


67 Berlin international Film Festival. Germany, 2017

Museum of Modern Art - MoMA Doc Fortnight. USA 2018

NYU New York University, Indigenous Film Show Case 2018

Arcoiris Prize - 32 Trieste Latin American Film Festival. Italy, 2017

Best Documentary on Latin Horizons Focus - 9 Food and Biodiversity Film Festival Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto. Italy, 2017

Audience Award for Feature-Lenght Documentary - 9 Food and Biodiversity Film Festival Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto. Italy, 2017

Best Indigenous Documentary Film - 5 Documenta Caracas. Venezuela, 2017

Special Prize - 5 Al Este Film Festival. USA, 2018

Special Prize - 5 Cinemistica Film Festival. Spain, 2017

Special Prize - 5 Huanuco Peruvian Film Festival. Peru, 2018

Best Documentary Film - 3 BangkokThai International Film Festival. Thailand, 2017

50 Viña del Mar Film Festival. Chile, 2017

39 La Habana Latin American Film Festival. Cuba, 2017

38 Durban Film Festival. South Africa, 2017

36 LASA - International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Spain, 2018

32 Guadalajara Film Festival. Mexico, 2017

32 Society for Visual Anthropology’s Film and Media Festival. USA, 2018

25 Valdivia Film Festival. Chile, 2018

25 CineLatino Latin American Film Festival. Germany, 2018

21 Lima Film Festival. Peru, 2017

20 Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival. Finland, 2018

19 Canary Islands Environmental Film Festival - FICMEC. Spain, 2017

18 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Canada, 2017

15 Matsalu Nature Film Festival. Estonia, 2017

14 German Ethnographic Film Festival. Germany, 2018

13 FICMAYAB Indigenous Film Festival. Guatemala, 2018

12 Indigenous Film + Video Festival. Chile, 2018

11 Atlantidoc - Uruguay Documentary Film Festival. Uruguay, 2017

11 Peruvian Film Festival at Paris. France, 2019

11 Dominican Republic Global Film Festival. Dominican Republic, 2018

10 Wassermusik Festival – Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Germany, 2017

10 Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival. USA, 2018

10 Sembrando Cine Environmental Film Festival. Peru, 2018

9 Bolivia Lab - Muestra de Películas Peruanas. Bolivia, 2017

6 GNG Green Earth Film Festival. USA, 2018

5 Festival de Arte Dule - Muestra de Cine Indígena. Panamá, 2017

4 HipTrip Travel Film Festival. Rumania, 2017

4 Trujillo Film Festival. Peru, 2017

4 Bozcaada Festival of Ecological Documentary. Turkey, 2017

3 Panoramica Latin American Film Festival. Sweden, 2017

3 Peruvian Film Week. Peru, 2017

3 Vi viendo Cine Environmental Film Festival. Peru, 2018


Custodio Sangama

Albina Tapullima

Samuel Sangama

Andrea Sinarahua


Direction & Production: Alvaro & Diego Sarmiento

Screenplay: Alvaro Sarmiento

General Producer: Alvaro Sarmiento

DOP: Diego Sarmiento & Jair Guillen

Sound: Carina Rosanna Tautu & Marco Panatonic

Music: Winston Tangoa

Edition: Alex Cruz & Fabricio Deza

Color Correction: Jorge Sabana

Sound Design: Alex Cruz

Sound Mix: Fonica Studio, Carlos Flores

Illustration: Miguel Vilca & Xekah

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